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  • Anderson, Cheryl
  • Bartlett, Sharon
  • Bender, Tracey
  • Blaquière, Carine (scribe)
  • Bonin, Jean François
  • Bouliane, Jessica
  • Bourbeau, Tara
  • Bouwhuis, Julianne (scribe)
  • Carol, Jenny (Pony Cup)
  • Chevalier, Jo-Anne
  • Cooper-Kelly, Lindsay
  • Corrigan, Bernie
  • Darbyson, Taylor
  • Denault, Cheryl (scribe)
  • Dudding, Jessie
  • Fizet, Marianne
  • Fresque, Karen
  • Gahagan, Avery
  • Gahagan, Sue Ellen
  • Galt, Anne (scribe)
  • Gordon, Cathy
  • Girault, Brenda
  • Harrington, Mike
  • Hussain, Henna
  • Kaine, George
  • Kearney, Fiona
  • Kelland-May, Laura(scribe)
  • Killick, Denise
  • Laliberté, France
  • Lapointe, Manon
  • Larivière, Stéphanie (scribe)
  • Lorinz, Chris
  • MaGuire, Catherine
  • Mahar, Ralph
  • Matthys, Sonja
  • McEwen, Laura(scribe)
  • Myers, Laurel(scribe)
  • Pittman, Art
  • Pittman, Julie
  • Pratt, Samantha
  • Power, Holly
  • Rennie, Chris
  • Ribberink, Anna
  • Robinson, Debra
  • Robinson, Donna
  • Robinson, Margaret
  • Rycroft, Evan
  • Simms-Dalmotas, Jayne
  • Smart, Nonie(scribe)
  • Smiley, Margaret
  • Smith, Grace
  • Stark, Jan
  • Stewart, William
  • Stodel, Emma
  • Stirling, Teagan
  • Teeple, Paul
  • Teeple, Kate
  • Teeple, Helen
  • Thibault, Robin
  • Tremblay, France
  • TROtt – hospitality
  • Woywitka, Doug
  • Young, Renée
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Ottawa Dressage Festival Competition Committee Named Dressage Volunteers of the Month June/July

Ottawa, ON, August 5, 2016 – Equestrian Canada is pleased to name the entire Ottawa Dressage Festival Competition Committee as the Dressage Volunteers of the Month for June/July.

Dressage Canada Certificate of Recognition 2016

Comprised of a group of true volunteers, the Committee worked tirelessly to ensure this year’s Ottawa Dressage Festival, which ran May 19-22 at Wesley Clover Parks in Ottawa, ON, went off without a hitch. The competition presented CDI3*/CDIP/CDIJ/CDIY/CDI-U25, CDI-YH and EC Gold Show as well as the 2016 Long-Listed Para-Riders. It was a qualifying event for not only the 2016 Olympics in Rio de Janeiro, but also the 2016 World Breeding Dressage Championships for Young Horses, 2016 FEI North American Junior & Young Riders Championships, and the 2016 National Youth Championships.

The show is organized by a committee of the National Capital Dressage Inc. which is a private, not-for-profit group formed in 2003 to ensure the growth and future development of the Ottawa Dressage Festival and to promote the sport of dressage in the National Capital Region.

The committee is truly dedicated to the sport of dressage and overdid their many accomplishments of past years by creating a well-organized, world-class CDI competition that created the venue for many personal competitive bests within a friendly and inviting atmosphere.

Headed up by show secretary Paul Teeple, who was recognized as the March 2016 Volunteer of the Month, Equestrian Canada is delighted to recognize the entire organizing committee of this exceptional event as the Dressage Volunteers of the Month for June/July 2016.”

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