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Back in 2019! Rising Stars Competition

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The objective of the Rising Stars competition is to encourage the participation of riders 18 years and younger in the sport of dressage. The competition is based on, and inspired by, the Rising Stars show in B.C. which has the following objective: “To provide young riders the opportunity to participate in a dressage competition that is exclusively their own, in an environment that provides a fair playing field for junior riders of different age groups, wherein each will compete against his/her peer group at all levels of skill, from beginners to advanced.”

General rules for participation in Rising Stars:

  • Participation is restricted to riders 18 years and younger, as of Dec. 31, 2019 (Art. E3.4.3)
  • Tack checks are mandatory after each test
  • No cross entries of horses between Gold and Bronze shows except for classes 212, 222, 223
  • No stallions in the Bronze show or group classes 212, 213, 222

Rising Stars Welcome Event

Held at the same time as the Thursday Welcome Event, this is an opportunity to come and meet other Rising Stars participants, register your team, and get a list of riding times for Rising Stars participants so that you can cheer everyone on! Lindsay Cooper-Kelly, the RS co-ordinator will also be there to meet you and answer any questions.


Equitation is a significant factor is dressage success. As well as the group equitation classes, on Saturday Test 2 in RS classes will have two judges in the ring, one judging the technical movements in the test and the second judge evaluating the equitation skills of the rider. These equitation results determine the riders that go to the Equitation Championship group classes on Saturday evening. At ODF take the opportunity when you are not riding to watch the equitation of the top Canadian riders.

Information on special classes:

  • Equitation Championship (“ride-off”) is a special championship class offered in both the Gold and Bronze competitions. Qualification to compete in the ride-off is required and there is no fee for this class. The equitation awards are designed so that riders qualify in their own age group, either 13 and under or 14 to 18 in the Bronze and under 18 in the Gold.
    To qualify to compete:
    • The best 2 equitation riders in each of the Gold test 2 classes: 43, 45, 47, 56, 57 qualify for the Gold Equitation group class Saturday evening Ride-off.
    • The best 2 equitation riders in each of the Bronze test 2 classes: 208, 209, 210, 211 go to Bronze Equitation group class Saturday evening Ride Off.
    • The equitation Champion and Reserve in each of the Gold and Bronze classes will be awarded by the results of each of the two special Dressage Equitation group class ride-offs.
  • Pleasures Pairs is ridden by pairs (2) of horse/rider combinations. The class is run as a group class, with all combinations in the ring at the same time. Combinations will be judged on their ability to stay in sync through a series of walk/trot/canter/transition exercises, requested by the judge. No movements above Training level will be required.
    Pairs may be made up of competitors in either the Gold or Bronze show competing in Training level or above. Riders must be 18 years of age or younger.
  • Prix Caprilli is a dressage test with jumps in it. Jump height is up to 2 feet, and is adjusted based on the level or rider and size of the horse or pony.
    The class is open to competitors in the Gold or Bronze show competing in Training level or above. Riders must be 18 years of age or younger.
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Rising Stars Awards

Rising Stars AwardsGet Adobe Reader

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